Dr Harry Singh

After I qualified from Leeds Dental School in 1996 I followed the traditional path of VT, Associate and then Principal. I have owned 3 dental practices.

I opened an award winning private practice called aesthetics in Hertfordshire. I won many awards including best marketing, best team, best DCP, finalist for best facial aesthetics practice, best aesthetics clinic. I ended up doing more facial aesthetics, which I started in 2002, than dentistry. I loved every minute of it, and never regretted getting into dentistry, it has provided me with so many opportunities.

During this time I started investing in property the traditional way (building up my deposit and then waiting before I had built up another deposit) and by chance stumbled upon the professional property secrets and in 2 years managed to buy and hold 27 properties and sell 6 properties. The profits from my property deals allowed me to buy into dental practices and set up 2 squat practices. The passive income paid for my financial commitments, so I was not overly stressed with the initial low cash-flow from opening 2 squat practices. The portfolio is currently valued at around £7 million and gives me £8000 passive income per month.

I spend my time equally between property investing and carrying out facial aesthetic treatments and strongly believe that you can only help others if you are currently undertaking those services.

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